Birth - Kindergarten

Infant and Nursery specializes in providing your child, birth through thirty months old, with a safe, fun environment where they can play and explore.

Tots is for kids ages thirty months through forty-eight old months old. We continue to provide a safe environment to play and introduce group Bible story and singing. 

Kinders is for children who are four years through kindergarten. This area balances an equal amount of play time with group Bible story, singing, and small group activity.


First - Fifth Grade

You've trusted us with the care of your kids for 65 minutes each week. Thanks! But that's just a start. Our aim at Encounter is to partner with you to tell your kids about God. Every lesson immerses kids into a Bible story that will point your children towards the reality of Jesus Christ.

Special Needs

The love of God is for all, regardless of abilities! It is our commitment to partner with families to help their child/student participate to their fullest potential in ministry activities. 

Family Ministry Applications, a brief registration, is used to learn more about each individual child. Preregistration is available for all families of children with special needs, by contacting the Kids! Director. Advanced notice is encouraged, allowing our team to plan for individualized arrangements.


Safety is our number one priority. We want you and your kids to not only feel safe every time you are here, but to be safe. We have taken every precaution to make sure that you don't have to worry about your kids when you drop them off to have the best 65 minutes of their week.