Where we've been

Sundays at Encounter have grown from a dozen people to almost 700 in the last seven years. God has moved in incredible ways already, and we believe that the best is still yet to come. We've seen a massive increase in attendance after we've redone our Cafe, Kids, and Upper Lobby spaces, and we believe that updating our Auditorium space will do the same, not only at our current Kentwood campus, but at future sites, and immediately through our online Worship Experiences.

Reaching out

The REACH campaign is about enhancing our Worship Experiences and bringing in exponentially more people through updating the Auditorium and setting us up to broadcast our Worship Experiences online.

The vision

As Encounter continues to multiply locally and globally, we'll become a church that not only meets in multiple physical locations, but can reach countless people with the love of Jesus through our online Worship Experiences. This will be possible through: 

- improved video infrastructure

- Stage and house lighting upgrade

- Audio system overhaul

- Uniform seating

- Theatrical curtains

- Repainting walls

Expand the kingdom

Be a part of what God is doing. Click the button to give above and beyond your normal tithe specifically to the REACH campaign.